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Factor-I works on positive change in and by organizations. Through Interaction, Inspiration and/or shared Intelligence we help people to bring new ideas come to life and create a full commitment by all involved. Read more, get in touch!



Interaction determines the success of an organization. An energetic connection with stakeholders and employees brings involvement and enthusiasm to push boundaries, take up new projects, achieve change and sustainability.

Working together with your stakeholders on the development of your organization or your project will create a sense of commitment and ownership.

We design a complete process fitting your needs, facilitate meetings or develop tools.



Factor-i can bring inspiration from the outside, into your organization. Or we let people in and outside your organization inspire each other.

The strongest commitment to change, innovation and optimization come from people with passion and confidence. We organize co-inspiration and co-creation events that empower (multi-disciplinary) teams, give them the confidence that they can bring change by using their talents, knowledge, and creativity. We move teams to act pro-actively and creatively and acknowledge each other’s contributions to success. This brings impactful synergy.



Shared intelligence is needed to achieve change and transformation. By sharing knowledge and creativity better solutions can be found for often complex questions connected to innovation and improvement.

Therefore Factor-i has a range of (inter)national partners we can approach to work on your specific question. Whether it is about navigating towards a more sustainable product range or discovering new markets, our network is broad and formed by experts who can help you.