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Caring economy

Social label

I’ve got something to share… Not so much about sharing economy, but more about a caring economy. And the inspiration comes from many people around me. People that are questioning the current economic system. Rethinking work and the value of it. Let’s start with looking at Social Label.

This coming Milano design week, with Salone del Mobile and Fuori Salone, this design brand will be present again with their inspirational workshop/showroom presenting work designers elaborated with the makers in social working spaces around the Netherlands. The latest addition to the collection comes from well-known British design duo Ilse Crawford and Oscar Peña (Studioilse, London): a wooden folding stool >VELVET.

Petra Janssen, Simone Kramer, and Edwin Vollenberg developed these last 5 years a system to further disseminate this way of working. Book 1 tells about their concept of SocioEconomics by Social Label, published in 2017. In Milano, they will launch Book 2: Social Label Works.

Celebrating Food Heroes in Rennes, Brittany (F)


It was a great pleasure to see the 9 finalists for the Food Heroes Award 2019 on stage during the international CFIA fair, honored with a true Food Hero cape. They merit to fly with their innovative ideas for reducing and valorizing food losses in the sectors of fish & seafood, fruits & vegetables, and male animals. It must not have been an easy job for the jury headed by commissioner Health and Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis to select the winners. All nominees with the winners marked in green: F&S: North Cape, Mussella, Seconde Vie, F&V: Envie, Choonk, Cauliflower Rice, MA: InOvo, Bickus, Bio Goat Meat.

I work on this project as a kind of design innovation manager on behalf of the Dutch Design Foundation.


Let’s evolve to greener

Sustainable Fashion by Lotte Gulpers

Sustainable Fashion by Lotte Gulpers, Photo: Yksi Expo – Milly van Eck

It is clear that action is needed for the climate, for the world, for the planet. Together with designers Leonne Cuppen and Daria Biryukova I am working on helping young green – circular and sustainable – design talents to launch their business successfully with a talent development program. We and our expert friends can teach them from our broad experience and knowledge varying from designing green innovation, development of innovative materials, organizing exhibitions to expanding markets & networks. On the other hand, we can learn a lot from them, and therefore they will have their own show and workroom at Yksi Expo. You will hear about this Green Evolution Hub soon!